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Rooted in Puget Sound Call for Artists

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      Posted By: Baxtography

      We are looking for artists to provide one work of art, paired with a short story or description, that depicts how trees inspire them.

      The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in Washington is working to develop a social marketing campaign to support our Planting Trees for Thriving Communities project. The goal of this project is to preserve and enhance tree canopy in the urban areas of Puget Sound through providing funding for on-the-ground implementation projects; developing communications to highlight the value of trees for people, nature and stormwater; furthering the science related to the benefit of trees; and collaborating with our partners to ensure the long-term success of our collective work.

      Our social marketing campaign, “Rooted in Puget Sound”, is two-fold: 1) Engaging the public’s love of trees in an effort to move towards taking tangible action to support the health of our urban tree canopy; 2) Celebrate the work that is underway by TNC and partners throughout the region.

      The goals of our campaign are:

      • Tap into people’s love and inspiration related to trees to drive action and movement building
      • Celebrate the work that is underway by TNC and partners throughout the region
      • Drive engagement in actions, including volunteering, maintaining and planting trees on own property

      Within this campaign, our goal is to tap into the love of trees to drive towards action.  With the benefits of trees including aspects of aesthetics, community health, and healthy air and water quality, there are many reasons people value trees and illustrate that value. We want to engage multiple aesthetics in this work to draw diverse audiences and those that may not be typically responsive to an environmental campaign.  According to growing evidence, “art and artists play unique roles in movements and efforts for change by bringing awareness to issues in emotionally compelling ways, influencing people’s opinions and behaviors, bringing innovative perspectives to complex challenges, and helping to galvanize people around a shared vision.” Art and artists can support a shift in underlying values and social norms by appealing to people on the levels of emotions and meaning, helping to create new narratives and to move people to action.

      We are looking for artists to provide one work of art, which can be a new piece or an already-created piece, paired with a short story or description, that depicts how trees inspire them. The artist-produced pieces will be incorporated into the Rooted in Puget Sound social media campaign, including on social media, billboards, buses, etc., to help spread awareness of our campaign and to inspire the public to share their individual tree stories. We are specifically looking for 2-dimensional works in any media that can be incorporated into printed materials and social media. Artists will still hold the copyright for their work, but TNC will have a limited-use license for the duration of the campaign.

      We will be selecting 6 works to fund at multiple levels: $1,500; $1,000; and $500. Please include your commission fees in your proposal.

      Qualification Details:
      Inquiry contact:
      All inquiries must be directed to our Point of Contact:

      Courtney Baxter

      Puget Sound Conservation Coordinator

      [email protected]


      Submission Requirements:
      Deadline for submittals: June 3, 2019

      This is an open competitive process.

      To submit your proposal for consideration please include the following:

      • A cover sheet with your name, phone number, email address, and website (if applicable)
      • A resume that includes your exhibition history, past projects, and/or experience with community-driven projects (max 2 pages)
      • A minimum of three examples of previous work with brief descriptions
      • A statement of interest including your vision
      • Your artist commission fees


      Evaluation Criteria:

      • Artistic quality exemplified in previous work
      • Ability to think and work in a scale appropriate for public artwork that will be used in a campaign
      • Ability to convey tree inspiration through art
      • Ability for artistic representation to relate to multiple audiences (pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, drivers, social media users)

      Artist selection will be made by June 6, 2019 and final art pieces from selected artists will due by July 1, 2019.

      Address for Submitting Qualifications:
      Please email PDF submissions to our point of contact: Courtney Baxter – [email protected]

      Submittals by mail accepted if postmarked by June 3, 2018 sent to the following address:

      The Nature Conservancy in Washington

      C/O Courtney Baxter

      74 Wall St.

      Seattle, WA 98121
      *Please print submittals double-sided and minimize the use of non-recyclable materials.


      Please either e-mail [email protected] or call 206-971-4340 if you plan to send something via mail so we know to look out for it!

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