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Photos can’t give justice to my kind of art and must be experienced with the actual art. It must be seen in person as art and painting is meant to be. Here is my video:

I am Randy Rodrigo, and I had discovered a technique that will revolutionize the way we do and see paintings.
Ever since man started to paint throughout history, we see and utilize only a single plane surface to do and view paintings. And what I had discovered will change how we do and view paintings, this is achieved by “light fused back to back painting”. I called the technique as “Back Lighted Illusion Transitory Effect” (BLITE): It is done with mixed media on paper’s front and back surface, then when a light is introduced into the background the two sided painting will fuse together by the light to create another painting. One can have multiple paintings with just one piece of a painting.
The “Variable Interactive” part doesn’t just end with just flipping the painting to display what’s on the other side or by just turning on and off the backlight to change the appearance of the painting, but also with the implementation of using the modern LED wireless lighting technology for the home, one can manipulate the LED backlighting with their phone app via WIFI to adjust the LED’s color, the brightness, and lights can also blink in tune with a music.
I encase the painting using “Museum Glass” to protect it from constant light exposure.
I had discovered “BLITE” on June 5, 1998 with my first trial on a simple mixed media art on a regular bond paper and exposing it to a ceiling fixed fluorescent light.

I had my first BLITE painting exhibit [Titled: Comic Incident BLITE] at the Art Association of the Philippines (AAP) 1999 annual competition, for the intention of documentation that I am the originator. I used two flood lights on a contraption to back my art piece. I had shelved all my works 17 years ago due to impracticality and cost.

I immigrated to the US two years ago and I'm reviving BLITE this 2018, due to the availability of interactive LED light-strips.

I am currently developing 3D shading techniques in plain sight and that when use it in BLITE it creates embossed holographic effect like quality.

Every piece of work is expensive to do, since I have to encase it in a “Museum Glass” to protect the painting from light exposure, plus add to that the WiFi integrated LED Strip system for the backlighting. So for now I only have one working piece for sale to start my career as an artist and from its sale will lead to more BLITE art works.

I don’t have any particular style to adopt and be my signature on my art, but rather I play around what BLITE has to offer and its possibilities. So from time to time, season to season, year to year my art works will vary.

Conrado III
Kent, WA
52 years old

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