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Workshop December 28: 3+ Must Haves for Your Web Site

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      Posted By: Lisa

      A workshop for all non-design small business entrepreneurs!!

      Are you struggling with your current Web site?

      You’ve worked hard to polish your product to make a great impression. Now it’s time to get your website polished, too. If your design, functionality, or accessibility is lacking, customers will leave. And that’s money walking out the door.

      Let’s talk about The 3 Must-Haves for every Web site.

      Be prepared to bring your show your Web site with your laptop, your tablet, your smartphone, or even a printout!

      If you have a burning question not related to your Web site -bring that, too!

      Come get support, encouragement, and advice
      I’ll provide clever ideas based on my experience and expertise. As leader of this group, I will offer regular professional advice as well as workshops and classes that promote lifelong learning and professional development.

      More info:

      Keep Building!

      This Meetup is run by Lisa, who has spent the last 20+ years as a small business advisor helping entrepreneurs create consistent design and marketing materials, elevate their brand, and make a deeper connection with their customer.

      What You’re Saying

      “Lisa is great! She’s extremely knowledgeable and loves to help!” Sue
      “It is a wonderful group and I believe will provide the ongoing direction and support I need!” ~Nigel
      “Lisa is a wealth of knowledge. She had some great suggestions for reworking my website and marketing my business.” ~Christina
      “Great!!! Very informative and helpful.” ~Stephanie

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