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Wabi Sabi and the Spirit of Collage 2 Day workshop

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      Posted By: LAH

      Instructor:Donna Watson 

      Lynn Hanson Gallery, 312 S Washington St, Seattle, WA 98104

      May 20 and 21, 10-3:30, limit 8 students  $225.00 includes coffee, tea and snacks

      $15.00 Washi paper fee (100.00 deposit holds your place, non-refundable)

      Wabi Sabi is a Japanese aesthetic. This Japanese aesthetic is a beauty of things imperfect, incomplete and impermanent…rustic, earthy, simple, textured and organic.

      Boro is a Japanese word meaning tattered rags and used to describe patched clothing and bedding. Many years ago, poor Japanese workers patched and repaired their clothing so much they looked like tattered quilts. Today, boro articles of clothing are considered national treasures. Boro embodies the Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi.

      Instead of fabrics we will use Japanese washi (papers) like tengucho, kinwashi, and unyu.

      On the first day, Donna will demonstrate how to paint on these papers using acrylic paints. Artists will then make their own collage papers in the tradition of boro, using paint, paper, rubber stamps, stamping tools and design elements and principles based on Zen tenets like balance and harmony.

      On the second day, artists will recreate this boro effect by placing their own papers quilt-like onto cards, tags, boxes, journals or small collages.

      We invite students from all levels, beginning to advanced. Supply sheet will be provided.

      to save your spot call 206-960-2118 or email:

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