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Visual Journal with Quincy Anderson in July

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      The Visual Journal

      This two day workshop will develop your individual eye in the act of choosing subjects from the stories unfolding around us, and composing in the landscape. The visual journal can tap valuable inner resources to discover self guidance as an artist.

      The primary goal is to enhance your ability to find the inspiration, the spirit of play, and the creative flow to establish the daily practice of image making as fun exploration. We will employ practices to deepen your perception, and hone the craft of editing and expressing.

      Through journaling one discovers art making as an integral part of life and as an ongoing personal dialogue, giving the artist a wealth of ideas to work from in the studio. This approach is especially valuable when traveling and wishing to record memories — making the opportunity to slow down, draw! –and allow new experiences to leave a deeper impression.

      Please bring a drawing sketchbook and painting tablet of your choice. Also bring graphite, pens or your preferred dry media, and travel style watercolor palette and brushes.

      The first day we will explore a variety of ideas and approaches to sketch and capture images quickly while developing self expression. Participants are encouraged to bring past sketch books and paintings to look over and help with direction during this workshop.

      The second day we will be in the field. Emphasis will be on using minimal materials to facilitate the ease of drawing and painting on site, with insight!

      This two-day workshop, held July 21 & 22, 2018, is for all levels. Cost is $250. Register at:

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