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Superfine Art Fair 2021 SEA

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      Special Seattle Discount Deadline 7/15
      Take Control of Your Art Career. Apply for a booth at Superfine!

      SEATTLE August 19-22 at Block41
      -10% off for applying by 7/15
      -$150 off for signing up within 24 hours of your qualification call with James
      -Artspiration episode feature on The Artist Business Plan (5,000+ reach)

      “It’s important for artists to get a real-world reaction to their work beyond family, friends, and the internet. Art fairs like Superfine! are essential sources of feedback for serious artists.”- Mamie Young, Exhibiting Artist

      Superfine is an artist driven fair, founded in 2015 that empowers electrifying artists to sell their art to interested buyers. Now is  a great time to submit your art for a booth as we are bringing back our in-person fairs in 2021! We are busy implementing our Resilience Plan, to bring artists back to the marketplace.

      Superfine takes no commission on any artwork sold, either in person at the fair or via our online E-Fair. Make art. Sell art. We do the rest.

      “Superfine is a unique place to sell art for individual artists. Their approach is unique and smart. That’s how I would like to approach people as an artist.”- Akane Ogura, Exhibiting Artist


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