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Spirit of Place – Registration ends Sept. 22, 2016

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      Karen Ulvestad
      Posted By: Karen Ulvestad

      Pacific Northwest Art School
      Coupeville, WA

      Karen Ulvestad, Instructor
      September 28-30, 2016 (begin 7pm on the 28th)
      Tuition: $350
      Registration closes September 22nd
      Register here

      The light is your paint, your camera is your brush, and your vision creates the story. These three ingredients combine to show the Spirit of Place. This workshop focuses on discovering and expressing these three elements through well-crafted story-telling photographic images. We will learn creative usage of available light, flash, exposure, perspective, effects of lens length, and filters.

      Student Comment –

      Thank you for the class.  It’s really the first time that I’ve felt something deeper inside start to change after trying a new medium, a new experience.  I’ve been thinking about “what is the spirit of place” and it dawned on me this morning, 12 hours after class ended, that it’s not just the physical place but how I feel in this experience.  Something is changing for me when looking through the lens at a defined small space in the largeness of the area I’m standing in.  Also how I feel as a person, alone or in a group of others.  I’ve been stumbling over my words lately, literally not able to be clear about what I want to say.  This is also my metaphor for how my art has been going, stumble and bumble.  Well… you’ve helped me to understand what happens to an artist when their heart takes over their head, or spirit takes over ego.  I’m starting to feel what it is like to ‘be’ art, not just look at it from a distance and wonder how people know what to do or as you say, tell their story.  So I will continue to ask myself “what is the spirit of place”, how can I slow down and see deeper and deeper, how can I slow down and speak through photography and then verbally to others.  I’m on a new journey and I thank you for sharing your artistic talent, mindfulness, and support to us fledglings.


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      Karen UlvestadKaren Ulvestad
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