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RFP DL 4-1-19 Sunset Neighborhood Park

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      Renton Municipal Arts Commission

      The City of Renton and the Renton Municipal Arts Commission are seeking artists to design, fabricate and install art elements to complement the new Sunset Neighborhood Park to enhance the visitor experience and connection to the sense of place in the community.  The Commission is searching for well-qualified applicants who are both professional and emerging 3D artists. Artist teams are welcome to apply as well.

      The City of Renton, and the Renton Municipal Arts Commission, invites artists or artist teams to apply to create permanent public artwork to complement the new Sunset Neighborhood Park located across from the Renton Highlands Library.

      Call released: February 22, 2019

      Deadline to respond to Call for Artists :  April 1, 2019

      Budget: $250,000

      Project Context:
      Sunset Neighborhood Park will be a new 3.1 acre park located east of I-405 and north of NE Sunset Boulevard in the Sunset Area of Renton. The future park will be a gateway facility for the Sunset Area and a catalyst for transforming a part of the City that is working to overcome academic, health care, public safety, and socio-economic challenges. The new park will provide multiple benefits including: social gathering spaces, performance venues for local residents and visitors, education opportunities, increased property values, increased jobs, economic growth and vitality, and opportunities for physical and healthy living.

      The first phase of the project was completed in June 2018 with the construction of a restroom, rain gardens, walkways, pergolas, and other site amenities.  The second phase of the project is currently under design and is scheduled to start in Spring 2019 with a projected completion date in Summer 2020. Design per the Phase II Master Plan will include two playgrounds, picnic and fitness areas, an interactive water feature, picnic and fitness areas, a gazebo, additional walkways, a pergola with seating, and the addition of the art alluded to in this request.
      Emerging from a broad public involvement process several years ago, the future park design incorporates active and passive recreation and environmental education opportunities. Park design elements include adult fitness equipment, two children’s play areas, a looped circulation/path system with mile markers, a water feature, picnic areas, a picnic gazebo with tables, performance seating/open space lawn area with pergola and benches, a restroom building with notice boards, art locations, and interpretive signs. The Park Master Plan can be found on the City’s webpage.

      This Call for Artists is a project that the City of Renton, via the Renton Municipal Arts Commission, is commissioning as part of the new construction of the Sunset Neighborhood Park. This Call for Artists has a budget of $250,000 and is for a site-specific, impactful, focal design feature. The art is to be located on parks grounds (in one or more of the potential sites), the design of which should enrich the connection between the neighborhood park and the rich and diverse surrounding Sunset and Highlands communities.

      Please click here for complete RFQ packet with details on budget and timelines. Submissions due April 1st.

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