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Portrait Painting Workshop by Casey Childs

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      4-day portrait painting workshop taught by artist Casey Childs focusing on building a stronger foundation in traditional portraiture. Students will work from a live model to create a convincing, lifelike portrait in oil. This workshop is open to artists with painting experience interested in improving their ability in traditional oil painting.

      Students will create a single portrait from the same live model over the duration of the the first 3 days of the workshop, and an alla prima portrait on the final day. Technical instruction will be supplemented with brief lectures while Casey demonstrates his painting process. Casey will also assist students individually during the workshop.

      Artists, ranging from beginning to advanced, will have the opportunity to work from a live model, and will receive one-on-one instruction gaining a fuller knowledge of traditional portraiture. The workshop will cover key concepts including light & shadow, shapes, values & edges, form & volume, color mixing, use of oil painting medium, brush control, studio practices, proper use of materials, and common mistakes made when painting the portrait.

      This class is definitely not for the casual hobbyist but for the serious artist who wants to take his/her art career to the next level. Held June 6 through June 9, 2019 at Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio. Cost is $625.

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