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Open Call for Wildlife Photography Exhibit Submissions

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      Posted By: JDodds

      We are looking for photographers to donate art to our Pacific Northwest Wildlife Photography exhibition at High Low Gallery in Portland in June-July 2019. Wildlands Network and Endangered Species Coalition are co-organizing the art show to raise awareness about wildlife as an indelible part of the spirit and natural heritage of our region, and the need to conserve the diversity of species in the face of environmental threats. Connectivity (linking fragmented habitat to restore ecosystems) is an essential aspect of our organizations’ wildlife conservation programs in the Pacific states and the theme for this art exhibition.

      We are seeking submissions that feature endangered or climate sensitive species photographed in the Pacific Northwest. We are prioritizing photographs of the oregon spotted frog, pacific lamprey, Taylor’s checkerspot butterfly, fisher, pacific martin,  grizzly bear, and the marbled murrelet. We are open to all life stages, including: adult animals, eggs, juveniles, and remnants (i.e. bones) respectfully depicted.

      We will select five submissions to be hung in our exhibition in Portland, and more to be featured exclusively on an online photo gallery. Photos selected for the exhibition will also be featured in the online photo gallery. Artists are welcome to submit up to three images for review.

      Exhibited work must be of an excellent aesthetic standard and craft, demonstrating mastery of materials and technique.

      By submitting your work, you agree to donate the use of your photograph. We will contact you to ask for consent if we intend to use your photograph for this show. Be aware that photos you submit will not be used beyond our stated purposes- the exhibition, online photo gallery, and any promotional materials.


      Image size: 16 x 20 inches, 300 dpi, file format jpg

      File name format: YourName_ImageTitle_Size

      Example: Smith_Murrelet_16x20


      Please Include these 3 pieces of text in a Word document and submit the document along with your images:

      1.Image Title

      2. Artist Statement Short ~1 paragraph statement responding to the following questions, or addressing other, similar, themes:

      Why do you create photographs of wildlife? What stories are you trying to tell? Why do you think this subject merits attention? How do you think your work calls attention to this topic (of the species, issues surrounding it etc.)? What do you hope that audiences take away from viewing your work/how do you hope they respond to the image?

      3.Image/Species Statement

      Why is this particular species and/or compelling to you as a photographer? What was your experience in creating the image? If you can add anything about corridors and this species that would be fantastic!

      Please submit the images and text listed above to [email protected] by Wednesday, May 7, 2019. We prefer artists send photo files as attachments. You can use use DropBox as a second option.

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