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Oil Painting: Inspiration and Design – June 2 to 5, 2017

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      This four-day oil painting workshop, taught by Aimee Erickson, emphasizes the importance of having a clear idea for a painting. What is it you see that makes you want to paint something? Awareness of your inspiration guides the decisions you make as you paint.

      The first day begins with the practical matter of color and value. A structured exercise will reveal keys to this important relationship. Subsequent lessons on days will impart techniques useful for any subject. Lectures and demonstrations will reinforce an understanding of design, vision, and a lighthearted approach. Afternoons are studio time with time for students to paint on their own and receive individual instruction.

      A note about critiques. The critiques in my classes are a little different than what you may be used to. It’s more like Show and Tell: participation is invited, and optional. The idea is for students to step back and see their work from a distance; when it is your turn to talk you are invited to say what your intention was for your painting, what you are satisfied with, and what you would like to see that you don’t see happening. Then I may point out some things that I feel are useful to teach the group. My goal is for students to develop an internal loop of observation, painting, and assessment.

      Day 1
      Morning: Color and value (demonstration/practice)
      Afternoon: Applied still life basics: value studies
      Still life

      Day 2
      Morning: Still life demo
      Afternoon: Studio time with individual instruction. Still life. Still life setups

      Day 3 and 4
      Morning: Portrait demo
      Afternoon: Studio time; model or still life. Individual instruction
      model, still life

      ​The cost for this four-day workshop held June 2 to 5, 2017, is $680. It is open to all levels. Sign up on our website at:

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