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Natura Morta : Object, Color, Light & Form In October 2019

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      Posted By: whidbeyislandfas

      Attendees depart Elizabeth Zanzinger’s workshops invigorated and challenged! She is a fun and dynamic instructor who engages each person in their own artistic journey. During this four day workshop, you can expect demos showing her approach to tackling the complexities of still life, with both single-session painting and a multi-day demo. She will share her wealth of tricks and tips to creating still life work with a meaningful yet efficient approach.

      This four day workshop will focus on creating strong still-life work from direct observation. Elizabeth will present essential skills necessary to compose still life work in an efficient and confident manner, placing emphasis on visual poetry, simplicity, textural effects, and object architecture. During the week, each student will work on an oil painting with thoughtful guidance and feedback.

      Students may bring their own objects, although some will be provided. Elizabeth is particularly inclined towards odd rusty mechanical objects with complimentary hard and soft textures.

      This four-day workshop, help October 10-13, 2019, is open to all levels. The cost is $600. Sign up at:

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