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Mixed Media Workshop – Jesse Reno

Deadline to Apply/Register: 08/11/2023 - EXPIRED

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      This class by Portland artist Jesse Reno is focused on teaching students the value of creating, using loose and free techniques, and is open to any level student/artist.  We begin with simple ideas and techniques — the complexity comes in understanding how to own them, engage in them and believe in them.

      A mix of demonstration, lecture, and hands-on painting will introduce students to Jesse’s ideas, techniques and the purpose of his work. It is an open level class, as there is plenty to be learned by someone who has never painted before or those who are full time artists and teachers.  The goal of this class is to expose you to new ideas, techniques, and ways of approaching your art.  It is more about developing techniques and approaches to art than how to paint something specific. It’s all about painting, painting over, and painting over — layering ideas.

      Dates: August 18, 19, and 20, 2023    Times: 11 am to 4 pm

      Instructor: Jesse Reno                        Co-ordinator: Lynn Hanson Gallery, Seattle

      Location:                                                201 2nd Ave S  Edmonds, WA  98020

      Workshop Fee:     $600

      Detailed Information about this in-person 3 day workshop, the materials included, and fee for additional supplies can be found at

      Questions? call Lynn Hanson at 206-960-2118, or email [email protected].

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