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Michael Kowalski – Watercolor Loose and Lively

Deadline to Apply/Register: 4/14/24 - EXPIRED

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      Posted By: Cary

      May 14 & 15


      Skill level: all levels

      ​Note: This workshop is tailored for outdoor painting with some indoor studio time. Beginners thru advanced painters are welcomed. It can be challenging for beginners to attend a plein air class, but I find most students  have improved their painting skills by working outdoors.

      Whether you are out painting on a windswept coast, or in the middle of town, the components that make for a quality painting are the same; composition, drawing, value, color, and edges.

      This workshop will help you learn to identify a dynamic painting subject and build a painting based around it. We will spend some time improving drawing skills—a critical part of good painting. I will also discuss my color palette and the essentials of color mixing.  Brushwork and edges—so vital to picture making—will be touched upon as I walk you through the individual steps I take in painting a watercolor. Painting demos will help you understand how to think about and solve problems quickly in painting a watercolor.

      I spend time with each student to ensure their individual needs are addressed.

      My aim is for students to find subject matter they will find both challenging and enjoyable to paint. Nature is the best classroom I can think of and we will use it to our advantage.

      My favorite watercolors are those which celebrate the medium; a simple vibrant mix of pigment, paper and water, loose and lively!

      My workshops are a combination of observation, concentration, inspiration and above all else, fun. I hope you can join me.

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