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Landscape Fundamentals in Oil with Nancy Romanovsky

Deadline to Apply/Register: 06/01/2024 - EXPIRED

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      Posted By: Nancy

      This is an intense, hands-on workshop for beginners and intermediate-level artists aimed at understanding major principles of landscape painting with oil. It will be led by the award-winning painter Nancy Romanovsky and held in connection with her Featured Artist exhibition at Red Sky Gallery.

      During the workshop, each participating artist will paint a landscape using a photo as a reference. Several photos to choose from will be provided. Each participant will start a painting, work on it, and possibly finish it. The workshop will incorporate several brief presentations by Nancy, as well as her demonstrations on how to start a painting and how to refine it. Nancy will also provide personalized guidance to each attendee.

      To summarize, the artists attending participating in this integrated workshop will have an opportunity to paint while attending mini-lectures and demonstrations by Nancy Romanovsky and receiving personalized guidance from her. Perhaps most importantly, the participating artists are expected to be inspired and have fun!

      Nitty-gritty. Nancy will share with the participants her takes on the painting fundamentals: drawing, value, design, and color. While helping the participants to start their paintings, she will lead them through the topics of selecting a motif, identifying the focal point, considering the light source, delineating main masses, and mixing light and shadow colors. While working with the participating artists on refining their paintings, she will aid them in distilling shapes, developing value planes, creating a lead-in, assessing color intensity and temperature for effective perspective, and incorporating soft and hard edges.


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