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It's Time to Get Real About Marketing Your Art: How Successful Artists "Made It"

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      Puget Sound Group Northwest Artists

      7/13/2019 – 7/13/2019
      3403 Alderwood Mall Blvd
      Room W-2, Lynnwood, Washington 9803

      Puget Sound Group Northwest Artists brings you this educational presentation as part of its Summer Salon. The public is welcome.

      As serious artists, we want to be in the studio creating art – not spending one second more than necessary on marketing. We want someone to point us to the method or platform that will make our marketing targeted, profitable and yes, easy to do. We keep our ear to the ground, watching what other artists do. We take online courses, read books, attend ArtBiz conferences and then rush to our computers to polish our web sites, post on social media, learn what a hashtag is and how to embed it in our jpg images, join an online gallery or NY show or place a magazine ad – anything that will get our art in front of collectors and launch our full time art careers.

      So why are we all still rushing from platform to platform only to find they don’t necessarily work for us or for fine art??  Feeling frustrated, most of us have decided to keep dabbling in marketing until someone FINALLY figures this fine art marketing thing out.

      My mission over the last year has been to try to figure this out. I’ve taken several online classes, read a ton of social media/art marketing books, attended an ArtBiz conference with hard core advanced Instagram/FB classes, paid $$$ for Eric Rhode’s Fine Art Marketing Boot Camps 1-4, talked with those who actually make money using social media and, most importantly, read about how top artists (those who make a good living from their art) have “made it”.

      This Salon will NOT be like other art marketing seminars that send you down fruitless rabbit trails to platforms that may work for 1% of artists who “get discovered” but don’t work for the other 99% of professional artists.  Those artists are discovered for unique reasons. Bravo for them! I feel it’s time we take an honest look at how the big artists have made it and get real about how/why to use social media in it’s current form and learn about upcoming trends and limitations.  You need to armed with information about the focus, demographics and behaviors of each platform to make informed decisions.

      Come to this Salon presentation to learn how successful artists have made it. Bring a friend! A list of resources will be provided to all who attend.

      Kelly Sooter

      Open to the public. Donations to Puget Sound Group Northwest Artists (PSGNA) appreciated.

      See more about PSGNA, or PSG, at .

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      Puget Sound Group Northwest ArtistsPuget Sound Group Northwest Artists
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      Jolyn Wells-Moran
      Posted By: Jolyn Wells-Moran

      The presentation will be from 3pm to 4pm. Also, the artwork shown is by PSG member, Ned Block.

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      Jolyn Wells-MoranJolyn Wells-Moran
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