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Hot Shop Charger/Closer Wanted – Schack Art Center in Everett

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      Schack Art Center
      Posted By: Schack Art Center

      Schack Art Center is currently seeking qualified applicants for the following position:

       Job Title: Charger/Closer

      Time: Times vary but will average up to 3-5 nights per week, 3-4 hours per night, beginning at 9pm.

      Compensation: DOE

      Structure: The Charger position reports to the Glass Studio Manager.

      Primary Duty: The Charger position consists of two separate responsibilities:

      • closing or securing the facilities at Schack for the night
      • charging (refilling) the glass furnace

      The Charger position also encompasses a public-relations or customer service aspect.  As the only staff member usually present after 10:00pm, the Charger is often called upon for assistance in service areas such as: escorting a student or instructor to their vehicle, solving equipment problems in the facility and individual studios, or waiting until a student’s late ride arrives.

      Duties and Responsibilities:


      • Check-in at the front desk to determine if there are any ongoing issues or concerns for the facility
      • Lock and secure all exterior doors and gates.
      • Verify that all exterior windows are closed and locked and that all office, studio, restroom, and auxiliary spaces are vacant.
      • Verify that studio electrical and natural gas appliances such as the burn-out and glass kilns, welding units, wax pots, and  rosin plates are off or operating properly.
      • Verify the proper closure of fuel gas systems, such as the annealing/soldering torches and flameworking torches.
      • Turn building ventilation systems, such as the burn-out kiln exhaust fans, on if needed.
      • Verify that all small electrical appliances, such as portable heaters and coffee makers are off and unplugged and all interior fire doors are closed.
      • Turn down-or up in freezing temperatures-all building heat systems.
      • Participate in and assist in the development of cross-training programs in order to gain an overall knowledge of workplace function and to help cover vacant positions.
      • Other duties as assigned such as light custodial and room set-up in other studios in the Schack.


      • Determine if the glass furnace needs to be charged based on upcoming usage or predetermined charging schedule.
      • Verify that the annealers and kilns have been turned down and are operating properly.
      • Verify that all hot-shop gas, air, and electrical fixtures are properly shut down.
      • Transport needed amount or more of glass batch to main facility.
      • Sort and load any clear casting cullet for reuse.
      • Load batch and/or cullet for each charging cycle.
      • Sweep-up and wash-down any spilled batch, and turn down the furnace hood and supply hoods.


      • Reliability and punctuality
      • The ability to deal with unexpected problems and emergencies, technical or customer service
      • Schedule flexibility, the ability to remain on the premises overnight if necessary
      • Communication and customer service skills
      • Ability to lift 75 pounds
      • Arts background preferred

      Special Abilities:

      • Communicate effectively both orally and written.
      • Ability to be trained on the job quickly, efficiently and accurately.
      • Ability to keep a positive demeanor under sometimes stressful work environment with an ability to adapt to an evolving organizational structure.

      Please email your resume and cover letter to [email protected]

      Schack Art Center does not discriminate in hiring, membership, and provision of services with regard to race, color, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, political ideology, age, creed, religion, ancestry, national origin, or presence of sensory, mental, or physical disability.

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      Schack Art CenterSchack Art Center
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