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Historic Art Group Changes from Application Only and Expands Member Disciplines

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      Puget Sound Group Northwest Artists

      The Puget Sound Group is pleased to announce that it has opened enrollment to all artists; from most visual art disciplines, of 18 years or over, and who live in the Puget Sound region. There is no longer an application process. Just enroll.

      As a member of the Puget Sound Group, you’d have opportunities to gain;

      Credibility – Be part of a 93-year lineage of notable Pacific NW professional artists

      Positive Exposure – Inclusion in at least one major exhibitions per year, opportunity to show in our online   gallery, SAVOR, and in our social media posts.

      Inspiration – Be inspired by the high quality of art and the artists who create it

      Advanced Learning – Become aware of PSG and possible other entity’s presentations on advanced art topics

      The joy of giving – Enjoy giving several art school scholarships each year to deserving students from our           region, from our healthy scholarship fund

      Essential Networking – Develop mutual support with professional artists

      Mentoring – You may also find mentorship, or artists who would benefit from your mentoring

      Leaving a legacy – Your name will be preserved as a well recognized artist from the Puget Sound region

      Friendships – Meet interesting people who share your love of art and the challenges of living a life of art

      Support – Be a part of a group that understands your passion and the struggles of becoming the best and   handling the business side of the art world.

      All business and some events currently held via Zoom and member art examples are posted in the Group’s online gallery, SAVOR.

      Read more and join today; .

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