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Gesture, Rhythm, and Flow in Figure Drawing: the 5-minute pose with Brenno Kenji

Deadline to Apply/Register: 08/03/2024

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      Most key decisions are made within the first 5 minutes when drawing from life. How do we start a drawing in a way that captures the original freshness and excitement of the pose? How do we ensure that we maintain the driving momentum as we build on a (hopefully) strong start? How do we be clear about our intentions and make a drawing that articulates our expression rather than rambling marks on paper?


      About Brenno Kenji:

      Brenno is a well-regarded instructor with teaching experience spanning various institutions, including Gage Academy in Seattle, Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, and the ID8 School of Art & Design. Brenno’s education includes a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley, mentorship with artists like Steve Huston and Sunny Apinchapong-Yang, and training in figure painting, composition, and drawing.


      This 1-day workshop will focus on those first five critical minutes. Drawing from the live model, we will learn a simple and intuitive approach that will allow us to quickly and efficiently lay in the figure, capturing the action in front of us before it stiffens into a “pose.” We will devise strategies to sharpen our decision-making skills and learn how to tell the essential from the inessential.


      The 5-minute pose can be an art in itself that stands on its own, or it can be the groundwork that will set you up for success in a longer pose. Our goal in this workshop is to set the foundations for both. We want it to work for us whether we have only 5 minutes or 50 hours.


      Open to all levels.  Ages 15 +


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