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Exploring Light and Shadow Online Exhibition

Deadline to Apply/Register: 06/04/2023 - EXPIRED

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      Ten Moir Gallery
      Posted By: Ten Moir Gallery


      Ten Moir Gallery is excited to announce their upcoming Explorations in Light and Shadow online art exhibition. We are looking for photographers and visual artists of all experience levels to submit their work for consideration.


      This exhibition is open to any artist exploring the themes of light and shadow, from literal representations to the abstract. We encourage a broad interpretation of the theme and are open to photography, painting, drawing, mixed media and digital artwork and more. We invite submissions from all over the world, regardless of profession or experience.


      $20 for 5 artworks


      Explore the dynamic and contrasting elements of light and shadow in art. Artists could explore themes such as contrast, depth, form, texture, and color through the use of light and shadow in their works. The exhibition will explore how light is used to evoke a certain mood or how shadows can be used to create mystery or drama in a piece.


      The winner of Best in Show will receive a $150 cash prize, inclusion in the winners exhibition and Featured on homepage banner. All award recipients receive 1 month virtual exhibition, extensive social media exposure, news publications, e-blast announcement and official award certificate.

      The deadline for submissions is June 4th, 2023. 

      Learn more and apply at:

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      Ten Moir GalleryTen Moir Gallery
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