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Essential Plein Air with TJ Cunningham In July 2019

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      For a minute consider the three most common genera of representational art: still life, portraiture and landscape painting. Of the three, landscape painting is typically regarded as the easiest because it tends to be a more forgiving subject. While this may be true in some instances, the landscape does offer many distinct challenges.

      ​During this landscape painting class TJ Cunningham will focus on the two challenges that he considers the greatest impediment to a successful landscape painting. First, how to create atmosphere and second, how to sculpt the landscape so that the trees seem vertical while the surrounding landscape appears flat.

      Weather permitting this entire class will take place outdoors. TJ will begin each day with a presentation of his working process. The attendees will also receive clear instruction on how to simplify the landscape in an expressive way. Paint quality, value pattern, and abstraction will all be discussed as valuable tools when used in landscape painting.

      ​The three landscape motifs the class will focus on are: a vista/distant mountain scene, a tree, and architecture in the landscape. All proficiency levels are welcome.

      The fee for this three-day workshop, which runs July 6-8, 2019, is $450.

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