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Creating Dynamic Design from Photographs Workshop – Vancouver, BC

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      Posted By: FdnCdnArt

      INSTRUCTOR: Liz Wiltzen, SFCA, OPA

      MEDIUM: Oils & Acrylics

      DAY/TIME: May 25-27th 2018

      LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced

      PRICING: Members $360/Non-Members $410

      LOCATION: Semiahmoo Arts Facility, South Surrey, Vancouver BC

      Visiting us from Banff, Liz will be leading this 3 day course which covers important design considerations and introduces clear thought processes to launch from when working from photo reference. You will explore key concepts for seeing the potential in your photos, so that you can build on them to create strong, compelling paintings.

      There will be several exercises designed to break you out of the “copying the photo idea”, providing you with several new approaches for your toolkit. In addition you will achieve greater clarity on what photos have potential and which are better left unpainted – and why.

      In addition to 25 years working as a professional artist, Liz is also a Certified Life Coach. She brings her training in this area to uncovering each individual student’s creative challenges, helping them get clear on what their unique obstacles and strengths are, and giving them tools to move forward powerfully in their artistic journey.

      “Art is the transmittable, personal impression of one quality in the quantity before us. It is the ability to determine consciously what it is that interests him, and why, that differentiates the artist from the art student.” – John Carlson

      To register – visit or call 604.681.2744

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