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Call For Artists: Newcastle Utility Box Wrap

Deadline to Apply/Register: 06/30/2023 - EXPIRED

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      Newcastle Art Council and the City of Newcastle (Contracting Parties) are seeking
      design proposals from local artists for a vinyl graphic wrap on a dual utility control box
      grouping in Newcastle. Designs should relate to the culture, history, and/or landscape of
      specific location and the surrounding area where this dual utility control box grouping is
      located (more specific information is outlined below). This project is intended to
      transform two utility control box cabinets into a visually appealing, enjoyable addition to
      the public right of way.


      This request is open to all artists in the greater Seattle area, but artists living or working
      in or around Newcastle are especially encouraged to submit their qualifications. This
      program is not intended to support advertising or other signage. However, contracting
      parties reserve the right to include a logo to be added later for a local business
      providing funder recognition in the final artwork.

      Artwork submitted MUST NOT currently appear (nor have been previously used) as
      utility box art in Western WA.


      The Contracting Parties intends to select one artist or team of artists (collectively further
      referred to as “artist”) to create the utility box art. The selected artist will need to submit
      a design in a high resolution, digital format. The Contracting Parties will then provide the
      design to a contractor for fabrication and installation. Artist will receive $800 for the
      selected design.

      Location of Utility Box

      Southeast corner of Coal Creek Parkway and Newcastle Way

      The specific location of the dual utility control box grouping is on the southeast corner of
      the intersection of Coal Creek Parkway and Newcastle Way. The location is in proximity
      to Lake Boren Park which is a central meeting place in Newcastle. The design should
      highlight the importance of Lake Boren Park to our community as a gathering place and
      ultimately encourage people to visit the park. Lake Boren is used by community
      members for multiple purposes. The park has amenities like a playground, large field, a
      fishing dock, trails, volleyball court, basketball court, stage for performances, covered
      picnic areas, a large lake for recreation and much more. Community events held at the
      park include our annual Newcastle Days celebration, summer concerts in the park and
      4th of July celebration. The park is used year-round and frequented by a wide range of
      members of our greater Newcastle community including people of all ages, families,
      and individuals all representing the cultural diversity of our community. The park also
      features a wide variety of flora and is visited by many varieties of animal life both wild
      and domesticated. Artists are encouraged to visit the park to experience its beauty
      firsthand. Additional photos of the box and surrounding location can be found in Exhibit
      I along with some links for reference including specific information on Lake Boren Park.

      Utility Box Project Timeline

      Complete submissions must be received by Friday, June 30, 2023 to be considered for
      this project. Submissions should follow the submission guidelines below.

      May 31, 2023: Call posted
      June 30, 2023: Artist submissions due
      July 15, 2023: Artist selection notification (this date by vary slightly due to review
      process scheduling)

      Submission Guidelines/Requirements

      Please email the following materials to [email protected] with the subject
      line “Newcastle Utility Box Art” followed by your name.

      Statement of Interest (500 words or less). Please send as a .pdf and include your
      name, mailing address, phone number, email address and a website portfolio link. This
      .pdf should be titled with your full name followed by “_interest”. Example:

      1.) Resume or CV (not exceeding two pages). This should be in .pdf format, titled
      with your full name followed by “_resume”. Example: JaneDoe_resume.pdf

      2.) Proposed wrap artwork images, in .jpg format only (do not send .png, .gif,
      .tif, etc.). Each artist can submit a maximum of two designs for consideration
      with a limit of two images of each proposed design (resulting in a maximum of
      four images overall). The .jpg file dimensions should be no larger than 2050
      pixels on the longest side and should be under 5MB maximum. Files should be
      titled with your full name followed by “_art” and a number indicating the viewing
      order. Examples of file names for someone sending two art submissions and two
      images of each submission (meeting the maximum of four images), in the order
      they should be viewed: (first art submission) JaneDoe_art1.jpg,
      JaneDoe_art2.jpg, (second art submission) JaneDoe_art3.jpg, JaneDoe_art4.jpg.

      PLEASE NOTE! The .jpg image files dimensions above are for the call
      selection process only. If your artwork is chosen, your final artwork must
      be a high enough resolution to print correctly on the final box wrap at full
      size (either vector files or raster image files approximately 150 inches wide
      x 70 inches high at no less than 100dpi). Please do not submit artwork that
      cannot meet these requirements if selected. Ultimately, selected artist will be
      supported in ensuring artwork will be sized to fit across two utility boxes, and a
      supplemental service addition box. The dimensions for the individual box units
      measure as follows:

      3.) Image list. Please provide a detailed description and explanation for each
      design .jpg describing: themes, significance, inspirations, symbols, etc.

      Any inquires related to this call are directed to:
      Newcastle Arts Council
      Email: [email protected]

      Vinyl Wrap Process

      Artists are only responsible for a design. Designs selected by the Contracting Parties
      will be printed on a vinyl wrap and applied to 2 utility control boxes. The Contracting
      Parties are responsible for procedures and costs involving contracting a vendor to
      properly apply the vinyl wrap. Vinyl wraps may be made with vandal-resistant materials
      to help minimize and prevent vandalism and make the cleaning process easier. Please
      note that vents, windows, meters and occasionally other features of the utility control
      box cannot be wrapped so artists should take this into account when designing or even
      incorporate those features into their designs.

      Evaluation Criteria and Selection

      The Contracting Parties will consider the following criteria in selecting an artist for this
      program (not necessarily in this order):
      • Artistic quality as exemplified in previous work
      • Ability to think and work in a scale appropriate for outdoor public art
      • Ability to convey the identity of a community through art and convey an image
      that highlights the specific location and its surroundings.
      • Ability to relate to multiple audiences (pedestrians, cyclists, transit users, drivers)

      The Contracting Parties reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to select an artist from
      the respondents for this utility box art wrap project, or to accept no artist and to solicit
      additional respondents.

      Conflict of Interest

      The Contracting Parties reserve the right to disqualify a respondent from this utility box
      art wrap project if the Contracting Parties believe that the respondent has a potential or
      apparent conflict of interest.

      Exhibit I

      See attached PDF RFP for Photos and Information on specific utility box location.

      Photo 1 and 2 – Front and sides of dual utility control box grouping

      Photo 3 – Back of dual utility control box grouping

      Photo 4 – Picture of dual utility control box grouping looking north along Coal Creek

      Photo 5 – Picture of dual utility control box grouping looking south along Coal Creek

      Photo 6 – Picture of dual utility control box grouping from across Coal Creek Parkway
      looking east

      Newcastle Arts Council / City of Newcastle Utility Box Wrap Project – RFP May 31, 2023
      Photo 7 – Picture of dual utility control box grouping from along Newcastle Way looking

      Additional resources on Newcastle

      Newcastle Historical Society Website
      Newcastle Trails Website
      City of Newcastle Website
      Google search photos of Lake Boren Park

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