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CALL FOR ART: The Pale Blue Dot DEADLINE 4/9/20

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      Posted By: Rachel

      Show dates: 4/19/20 – 5/13/20
      Call date: 3/5/20
      Submission deadline: 4/9/20

      Humans live on the planet Earth every day of the year, but we set aside one day, April 22nd, to celebrate our Cosmic Mother. Tidal Artist Haven wants to spend all of April (and part of May) celebrating the Earth by exhibiting views of the Earth from our community. This is a very broad topic, since every piece of art in human history has been made either on or while orbiting the Earth. Much of our individual art practices honor the Earth without us even planning to!

      While choosing or composing your submissions for this show, consider the following: what does “home” mean in this broad, planetary context? what are you from? what are your favorite things about Earth? how would you change things to make life better for everyone (barring things like catastrophic depopulation)? how do you celebrate Earth Day? how much garbage IS in the oceans? what reused or recycled materials can you incorporate into your artwork? how can art be used in the struggle to adapt to and prevent the worst outcomes of climate change? what might the future look like if we decide as a species that we want to live WITH nature rather than trying to be the masters of it?

      Fees: $10 per accepted piece. If you cannot afford the Showing Fee, it may be possible to have it waived or reduced. (Showing Fee does not apply to Tidal Artist Haven members and resident artists.) If a piece sells, TAH will collect a 30% commission (20% for TAH members and resident artists).

      Submission guidelines:
      *2D and 3D works accepted (it may also be possible to screen video artwork)
      *2D art MUST BE WALL READY. We will not be attaching wires or brackets to your work, and dislike hanging canvases that have no hanging hardware. If you need help making your pieces wall ready, special arrangements can be made. We will do our best to accommodate display requirements of 3D works that cannot be hung on a wall. Please let us know if you have any special requirements for displaying your work.
      *Accepted works must be delivered to Tidal Artist Haven by April 16th at 5pm. If you cannot deliver your work, special arrangements can be made. Any unsold works may be picked up from Tidal Artist Haven after the closing reception on May 13th. If you cannot pick up your work by May 19th, special arrangements can be made, but we will not store work indefinitely.

      To submit your work for this exhibition, fill out this webform. If you have questions email [email protected] (but please be patient if we don’t reply right away).

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