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ARTIST NEEDED for 7/20/2019 event – Live Art Entertainment (String Art or Other)

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      I am hosting an event on July 20, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Seattle. We are having a formal dinner for a few hundred people, and would like to have an art installation at the venue. The exhibition could be in progress (live art during the event) or completed prior to the start of the event so it’s on display.

      We have some concepts of what we would like but are open to creative suggestions to enhance our vision.

      Our theme for the night is “Connectivity”. Our vision for the piece so far has involved neural networks and interconnected webs. We have loved the below examples of “string art” installations and would love to explore if this style of art would be possible as a temporary (one night only) installation in a hotel ballroom.

      If you have other ideas for how to bring the “Connectivity” theme to life for this event, we are all ears. Please get in touch with me as soon as possible if you’re interested as we’d like to start planning right away and talk what budget you would require for your time and skills. Thanks!

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      Hi Ethan!

      I’m feeling like I have what you may be looking for in terms of this event – although it’s not string art.

      I use pastels and digital photography, which gets printed on canvas, to bring through whatever it is your desiring to create for your event.

      I love that the theme is Connectivity – because that’s exactly what my pieces do.  They’re completely connective experiences.

      As soon as I read your post I imagined creating 5 Art of Truth pieces (24×30) for your event.

      The way my pieces work is that they’re infused with intention and desired outcomes.  And they work – that’s the wild thing! I still blow my own mind every time I do custom pieces for people!  The colors and textures are completely spot on.

      So… for example: One could be Connectivity – and I would pull through the colors for the energy of connectivity.  Another piece could be Community…. Another could be Financial Abundance… Innovation and Ideation…  and Freedom (those were the words that came to me as I was feeling into your event)

      These pieces get to be anchors in the room for the intention you’re looking to create at your event.

      I feel a lot of synergy here.  I’m happy to chat more if it feels aligned on your end.

      Thanks so much,



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      Mandy GreerMandy Greer

      Hi Ethan,

      I’m a Seattle based installation artist who primarily works with fiber and performance, and one segment of my business is creating immersive installations and experiences for events.  I have done several projects similar to yours, working on galas for The Henry Gallery, Artist Trust, MoPop Museum.  I’d be happy to talk more with you about your project.  Your timeline is really short, and what we could create is really dependent on your budget and also what the Hyatt Regency is ok with permitting.  Please get in touch if you’d like to talk more, I have a few installation works that might work for your quick timeline.

      Thanks, Mandy


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