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2018-2019 ArtsWest Playhouse and Gallery – DL: 8/22/2018

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      Posted By: michaelw

      ArtsWest seeks artists of ALL AGES to exhibit their artwork in the C-shaped Gallery that is also the lobby of the theater.  It is the mission at ArtsWest to produce artistic events that provoke conversation, incite the imagination and use live theater as a powerful agent of change.  We are seeking artwork that enhances our 2018-2019 theater season entitled Beyond Ideas.

      APPLICATION: By applying to be in this exhibit, you agree to the terms and conditions stated in this form.

      Email the following (or mail equivalent):

      1.     Completed Information form to: [email protected]

      2.     Attach up to 6 Hi Res JPEG files of artwork or please provide a link to your portfolio or website.

      3.     Email is preferred. If unable to email, mail the application including the completed information form with CD containing up to 6 JPEG images. Please note that CD will not be returned to you.

      4.     Agree to a non-refundable fee of $10 to help us offset our Gallery costs.

      LENGTH OF EXHIBITS: Exhibits run concurrently with our theater production dates – ensuring that both our visual art and theater performances play to clean spaces and maximum audiences.  The length of these exhibits vary between 4-5 weeks in length.

      SIZE RESTRICTIONS: We do not restrict the size of the artwork as long as it can be safely displayed.

      GALLERY: Located inside ArtsWest Playhouse and Gallery, 4711 California Ave. SW, Seattle WA, our Gallery consists of 100 linear feet in a C-shaped configuration.  Hours: Thurs. & Fri.  2-7:30PM, Sat 2-7:30PM.

      SUBJECT MATTER: The title of ArtsWest’s 2018-2019 Season, Beyond Ideas, is taken from the poem “A Great Wagon” by the 13th century Sufi mystic Rumi. In it, he speaks of the existence of a field, a place of common ground beyond ideas of who’s right and who’s wrong, where talk is cheap and even the distinction between “me and you” ceases to make sense in the face of the fullness of the world. Today, we’re rediscovering an ugly power and reward in talking at each other rather than to each other. With the advent of digital and social media, we can talk at each other with impunity, hiding behind the shield and the mask of the screen and the soundbite.  This season asks: what does it feel like to actually hear and see each other? We are encouraging artists to submit work that speaks to the heroic effort for truthful human contact.   We are able to accommodate all wall-mounted visual art, small space for ceramics, no video installations.

      DELIVERY & PICK-UP: Artwork must be hand-delivered and picked up on a date and time that is coordinated with our Technical Director.  There is very limited storage on site.  Most installations occur on the weekend, Mondays or Tuesdays.

      ART SALES: Contact information of interested buyers will be provided directly to artists to complete purchase transactions. No sales commission is charged and ArtsWest is not a 3rd party in the sales of art.

      LIABILITY: Please be advised that every reasonable precaution will be taken during the receiving, installation, exhibition and return of your artwork but ArtsWest employees, volunteers and patrons do not assume responsibility for loss or damage that might be incurred during this process. All work needs to be of substantial enough nature to withstand these procedures. We encourage each artist to carry their own insurance and to be involved in installation/de-installation.

      DEADLINE: AUGUST 22, 2018

      Artists will be notified as soon as decisions are made.


      4711 California Ave SW, Seattle WA, 98116
      Attn: Laura Lee – Managing Director

      [email protected]

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