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I got this artist and his beautiful works

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    This take it out of an article.

    Hello my name is Federico Santillan, I am a writer, art critic and chronicler, my opinion today I will give it to the renowned Spanish painter Gabino Amaya Cacho and his Abstract Pointillism.
    First of all I must note that abstract pointillism is a totally original initiative of the painter Gabino Amaya Cacho, his new works are full of light, color and energy that make the viewer vibrate in different ways when admiring them, in fact, the effect It is immediate.
    The abstract pointillism which is its innovative technique, is elaborated basically in the position of the circles, I use striking colors, making attractive combinations and contrasts.
    It is definitely a creative, jovial, colorful, eloquent and fun style.
    Gabino what he does with the Abstract Pointillism, is that he does not create an image in himself, on the contrary the simple fact of the abstraction, he says it all, using bright colors he shapes his passion in each piece, using in these, acrylic on Canvas of cotton.
    I must say that I was in love with the impeccable work of this artist, and his sensitivity in each of his pieces, I hope to see his next exhibition soon.

    What do you think of this technique?

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    very nice artwork if you are interested in more paintings plz visit https://artviews.weebly.com

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    hey while surfing on internet I found this artist named Kateryna Bortsova and the paintings are amazing you also take a look you may like it.

    Christmas Light At Ice Rink by  Kateryna Bortsova                          Golden Sunset by  Kateryna Bortsova

    for more of paintings of this artist you can visit by clicking here

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