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Finding Inspiration and Influences

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      I want to share with you some ways I find inspiration when I’m looking for a new subject to draw or have a drawing-block. We’ve all been here when you don’t know what direction to go next or how to improve on your techniques. Here are some of my solutions. Also I would appreciate it if you have some resources please share below.

      DRAW ANYTHING! When I’m stuck and find a black page in front of me that I can’t fill I just look for the closest object and start drawing, you mind focuses on the task at hand, you automatically get into “drawing mode” your mind starts to wander and the inspiration begins to flow. Now this doesn’t work all of the time but it’s my first step.

      INSTAGRAM! If the first step doesn’t work or I just feel like browsing though, I find Instagram a great resource. I prefer looking and instagram galleries or magazines because they have a much larger variety than just following a single artist, both are good I just prefer the first. Here is a page to get you started I have recently started to follow. This is a new page but the creator writes little notes, insights and critiques the work, which I find is lacking on other pages.


      YOUTUBE! Sometime you just need a little motivation from an inspirational artist. It’s difficult to find quilty artists who have what I want on youtube. I need to feel their passion and become inspired. Here is one that I follow at the moment.


      If you found this helpful please let me know and aging if you have any resources please share below.

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      Thank you for sharing. Where would you advise to post for fair critique of work in progress?

      Thanks again.

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