The Arts of Kenmore – Supporting Local School Art Programs

by Joe McDonald on January 2, 2013, filed under Local Art Scene


Part of our mission here at is to use digital technology to promote local artists and their work, as well as distribute art related information that we feel the community would benefit from.

arts-of-kenmore-logoIn the spirit of that goal, we’d like to give a quick shout-out to The Arts of Kenmore organization. This non-profit organization gives out several grants to local schools to support their arts programs.

In their words:

The Arts of Kenmore is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to encourage and promote both passive and active participation in all forms of the arts by the citizens of the area for the enrichment of the community.

Our organization encourages expanded local participation in all forms of the arts—fine arts, music, dance, theater, and public art.

For as little as $15 you can support the Arts of Kenmore. Your contribution is tax deductible and every cent is used to support the local arts in the community.


Learn more about the Arts of Kenmore.

Do you know of a local arts organization that is doing great work in the community? Let us know about them so we can give them a shout-out!

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