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Auto-Post Your Photos To Our Site + Twitter

by Joe McDonald on August 11, 2009

Let’s have some FUN! We’ve been wanting to get this going for awhile and now it’s setup and ready to go. The best photos always comes from those on location, so now you can post your own art photos directly to our site and Twitter account.

We’ve setup a new Flickr photo sharing account that is also connected to our SeattleArtists Twitter account and we want YOU to email us your photos while you’re out and about on the town. Anything you email to our Flickr account will automatically get sent out as a new tweet on our Twitter account and will also get posted on our live Flickr feed on our website.

Post your own photos to our Flickr account Automatically post your photos to our Twitter

It’s easy – from your mobile phone, laptop, computer or any other connected device, just email a photo to:

Make the email subject line the text of your Tweet and attach the photo. You can put a description in the body of the email and even add photo tags by just typing tags: on a new line (for example – tags: seattle “gallery opening” SAM) etc. If you tag a photo, please try to use appropriate and relevant tags such as the gallery name, location or event.

So go ahead and try it right now! You’ll see your photo posted within seconds on Twitter and on the live Flickr photo feed located on the sidebar of website.

You can post any art related photos – here are some ideas to get you going:

  • Share photos of live neighborhood art walk
  • Gallery openings & receptions
  • Event flyers, ads & artwork (you can also cross link image to a calendar event)
  • Photos of your own art work & studio
  • Random Seattle sightseeing pics
  • Anything creative!

I’m not sure how well this will work but I’m hoping to have some fun with it. Please don’t abuse the system.

You can follow the Flickr photo feed directly at There are just a few test photos posted there now.


You Can Now Follow SeattleArtists On Twitter

by Joe McDonald on March 21, 2009

I’m a bit behind the curve in regards to Twitter for I’ve been using twitter quite successfully with other businesses and clients but just never got around to adding it to

Well now it’s here. You can follow us at I’ve always been a huge fan of Twitter so I’m going to try and quickly integrate it into our site and emails.

So if you have friends that are interested in the Seattle art scene, please retweet it, repost it, or pass it on with whatever your favorite flavor of social media is.





Check out our other Twitter accounts at: