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This weekend, June 7th & 8th, Canon is bringing their Canon in Action Tour to Seattle! The tour will be taught by Canon Explorers of Light Jack Reznicki and Jim Divitale, along with Amina Moreau of Stillmotion.
Jack is best known for his commercial work with companies like Hyatt and Time Magazine, as well as teaching at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. 
Jim’s digital photography is featured in magazines like Rangefinder and Professional Photographer and lectures at WPPI, Imaging USA, and Photoshop World.
Amina is the cofounder of Emmy Award-winning Stillmotion, whose client list includes Apple and CBS.
There is going to be a Saturday seminar and a few Sunday workshops on June 7th and 8th.
The Saturday seminar’s goal is to teach imaging essentials and help you understand and expand your creative options. Thoroughly understanding photography principles like ISO and aperture is essential to putting your photography ideas to practice. The Saturday seminar will cover lens choice, camera settings and features, light exposure, portraits, landscapes, HD video, and a whole lot more. We’ll learn quality vs. quantity of light, incorporating video into your image making process. Jack, Jim, and Amina are going to let you discover the possibilities in your camera so that you can discover the possibilities in your photography.
The Sunday workshop is an opportunity to practice your new skills, work with live models, and try out professional Canon equipment. We’re going to have interactive discussions and hands-on exercises so attendees will receive feedback for every milestone hit. The workshop is designed to give attendees the tools to create visually stunning and engaging videos and photography.

The photography portion of the workshop is going to let you practice the concepts of flash photography, like functions of Speedlites and ETTL. Since light can be unpredictable, Jim and Dave are going to work with the class on mastering light using flash.

Camera movement, audio capture, and shot sequencing are the main points the video portion of the workshop will cover. Filmmakers use this knowledge every day as the foundation to any well-made video.
It’s going to be a weekend packed with learning! Head over to and use the discount code CIAMZED10 for $10 off Saturday tickets!



Alternate Views Debuts in Two Seattle Neighborhoods

by Joe McDonald on June 20, 2012

Combining QR codes, smart phones and photography, this project will offer a unique experience to Seattle pedestrians this summer.

AlternateViews, created by artist and photographer Kevin Wildermuth, is a self-guided virtual gallery tour juxtaposing photographs of Oaxaca, Mexico with views from Seattle sidewalks in the Capitol Hill and Fremont neighborhoods during the month of July.

Forty-seven bright yellow placards, each displaying a QR code linked to a different photograph, will be posted in storefront windows and on utility poles beginning July 1st. Pedestrians are invited to scan the codes with their smart phones to compare the actual scene before them with a related scene photographed in Mexico by the artist and displayed in their smart phone’s browser.

Buttons underneath each photograph link to maps of the two neighborhoods, showing all of the QR code locations and providing their addresses and GPS coordinates. Thirty-one storefront businesses have agreed to post the QR code placards in their windows and the remaining sixteen will appear on utility poles. The project is expected to bring art and photography fans, and the curious, to the two neighborhoods to seek out the codes and discover what image appears when they are scanned. And one of the artist’s goals is to reach out to those who wouldn’t normally seek out art in the usual venues.

Kevin will give two public talks where the public can learn about the project and ask questions at the following locations and times:

Fremont branch of the Seattle Public Library, July 2nd 6:30-7:30 PM

Capitol Hill branch of the Seattle Public Library, July 5th 6:30-7:30 PM

Both events are free to attend.

Examples of location-image pairings, neighborhood maps, and the photographs can be seen at the project’s web site:

Kevin Wildermuth is a photographer/artist based in Seattle, Washington. He works in various 2D media, always in color,  primarily taking the approach of a documentary photographer. He has an overriding interest in the meaning of the cultures that he depicts and strives to make art with a point of view, art that comments on the human condition and especially on the cultural, social and political influences behind the everyday environment. The artist’s web site and resume can be seen at:

Primary funding for this project via a CityArtists grant from:

Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs

QR Code - Alternate Views Debuts in Two Seattle Neighborhoods - Combining QR codes, smart phones and photography

Alternate Views Debuts in Two Seattle Neighborhoods - Combining QR codes, smart phones and photography

Alternate Views Debuts in Two Seattle Neighborhoods - Combining QR codes, smart phones and photography


Long Shot 24 Hour Community Photo Marathon

by Joe McDonald on March 9, 2010

long-shot photo marathon by Photo Center Northwest

WHAT: This spring, Photo Center NW invites you to take part in the Second Annual Long Shot, a 24-hour community-wide photo marathon on Mayday (6pm Friday, April 30-6pm Saturday, May 1 to be precise!) where individuals and teams hit the streets to photograph a theme, cause, community, or non-profit of their choice.  Open to ALL levels and anyone who wants to participate.

Long Shot participants will dedicate one full 24-hour period, or a part of it, to exploring the city of Seattle (or their current location) and documenting their journey during that 24-hour period. You can shoot on your own, join a team, or keep in touch with other participating photographers at meet-up points throughout the 24 hours.

WHY: The basic premise of Long Shot is to celebrate photography and community and to seek pledges for your participation in the event.  Long Shot is a way to support making connections for you, build community, raise awareness for a cause (if you choose), express your inner artist, and to raise money for the Photo Center to continue to offer educational and outreach programs.

HOW: Register and then seek out family, friends, coworkers, and anyone else to pledge any amount that they can for your participation in the Long Shot event.

Long Shot event raises funds for the Photo Center NW in two ways: through pledges and sponsorships during the Long Shot shoot and through the Long Shot Exhibition where photographs from the Long Shot shoot will be up for sale!

You can ask for an hourly pledge (i.e. $1.00 for every hour you shoot) or you can ask for a flat rate (i.e. $24.00 no matter how many hours you participate). Then, invite everyone you know to the Longshot Exhibition to purchase photographs from the shoot! All proceeds benefit Photo Center NW.

Whether you shoot alone, or as part of a group, just a few dollars per hour can help us bring new tools to the Photo Center, keep our doors open to artists and students 7 days a week, and put on faculty, student, and alumni exhibitions.

Participants can begin the event with a team from here on Capitol Hill in Seattle, or start shooting from wherever they might be in the world. No matter where you start, at the end of the day you’ll have contributed images and energy to an important center for photographic art, education, and community.

Long Shot will culminate with the Long Shot Exhibition and Celebration on Friday, June 4.  All participants will be asked to submit a framed print which will be displayed at the Photo Center and sold as a fundraiser “ISO” (in support of) the Photo Center!