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This blog is is now about a month and a half old and I’ve had a fairly decent response from people so far. But the true measure of success for any blog lies in the relevant content and information that it provides to viewers. I rely on most of my information from various mailing lists that I subscribe to or personal emails I receive from people about local art events, news and happenings. I also run across tidbits of information on websites and other sources. This stream of information only gets me so far though. I would really like to find more local art content to post here on the blog to make it even more helpful to visitors.

SO, I’d like to invite anyone with local art related information that you think would be interesting to post, to please forward it over to me. Obviously, I can’t post everything I receive, but I’ll do my best to make sure I post as much as possible.

Please keep in mind that date specific events should first be posted to our free events calendar – occasionally I will feature a specific event here on the blog, but typically only if it is very notable and worthy of extra recognition. Other possible posts could be: calls for artists, grants & contests, art fairs or anything related to the neighborhood art walks, art policy and advocacy, new gallery openings etc.

Use the online contact form to submit your information or to just send me other feedback or comments.

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