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I recently exchanged a few emails with Denise, the personality behind A Girl On A Mission TV. We chatted about possible cross-promotions we might share between us. I didn’t hesitate at all in agreeing to put the word out to our visitors about her show and website. As I stated to her, I have long since stopped caring about whether another art organization or related website is a competitor to, and have adopted the philosophy that sharing local Seattle art information, whatever it may be, is our sole purpose. Similarly, the goal of A Girl On A Mission TV is to highlight local artists in the Seattle area that might not have access to other media.

I think using the community TV concept is a great idea. When I started in 1999, there was barely any access to local art unless you went to a retail gallery. For artists, it was extremely difficult to showcase their artwork unless they had formal representation through a gallery or agent, and there definitely were not any art websites online at the time. The motto at has always been “using digital technology to broaden the reach of local art” and A Girl On A Mission TV fits in nicely to the spirit of that motto. As Denise put it, “it seems like we are peas in a pod”.

A Girl On A Mission TV airs on the Community Media Channel SCAN TV and streams live at

A Girl On A Mission TV also maintains a blog at


The New Blog is Live

by Joe McDonald on September 19, 2008

Welcome to the new home of the Blog.

This blog has been on my to-do list for quite a while, so I’m excited to finally get it launched. I don’t need to tell you that blogs are everywhere… in fact I personally own or maintain… (let me count)… over 7 blogs! So I’m very familiar with the strengths of having a blog. I’ve been creating and coding blogs for years. So why, you ask, hasn’t had an official blog before now? Good question… already has an arts calendar and art forums for information, but I just haven’t had the time to launch a completely new Blog. was first launched in 1999… that’s an eternity in Internet years and, unfortunately, the site suffers from aging, stagnant code. The technology of web development has evolved so much over the last 8 years that it’s hard to keep up, even for a professional web developer like myself. So has been neglected off and on. That’s the honest answer to why this blog is just now launching.

But, I don’t want to turn this into a post on web technologies. I tried that a few months back with “Project” and that just didn’t work. I’ve decided to kill that blog over at Project and just focus my efforts on maintaining and improving the existing site and mission of – to connect the local art community with our local artists and just get the information out there!

(sidenote: if you’re not familiar with Project, it was a short-lived attempt at trying to discuss and document a complete re-build of from the ground up using new web technologies – it was way too ambitious for me to wrap my head around and it just stalled.)

So here we go… let’s get this party started. is probably going to eventually (hopefully sooner rather then later) replace the current Art Forums. A blog is much more suited to publishing information and engaging input, discussion and dialog from visitors. The forum is just clunky and hard to navigate.

The calendar will still have all of our date-specific events happening around town, but this blog will have more in-depth art related information, happenings and announcements that I feel are important to publish.

I know there are other Seattle Art Blogs and Art Sites out there but I don’t consider them competition… I stand by my original goal… to help local artists do what they love. That’s it. I hope you’ll consider taking a more active role in this site and join in on the conversation. I’ve been nurturing this site since 1999… back when artists needed to be sponsored by a gallery in order to be successful and when the Internet hardly had any resources for struggling artists. I hope somewhere along the way I’ve been able to help bridge that gap.

So thanks for stopping by and thanks for supporting the local Seattle Artists community.

Joe McDonald
Photographer, Founder of