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[Cancelled] Announcing Our New Logo Design Contest

by Joe McDonald on October 21, 2014

We have decided to pull the plug on our logo design contest. Thank you to everyone that contributed a design concept so far. After reviewing feedback we received from the online design community, we felt it was better to discontinue and cancel the contest. We consulted several designers as well as the AIGA to arrive at this decision.

The general consensus from the design community is that contests cheapen and hurt the industry as a whole and accepting work for free in the hopes of being compensated later is wrong. When we first launched our logo design campaign, we truly were just trying to have a fun contest that would bring in a wide and diverse group of talented designers to create a fresh and new logo for us. It was not intended to be a “branding relaunch” as we incorrectly stated. We thought that using a popular service like was credible and acceptable and would allow entry level designers to compete for a chance to earn $300. I feel contests are appropriate for some circumstances, but probably not for a logo. As with all art forms, graphic design is a professional and skilled trade that people who dedicate themselves to should be compensated for.

As an art organization ourselves that is part of the wider design community, we respect the views of everyone and we value input, even if our feathers get a little ruffled along the way [sorry @HelloMelendez :) ] We felt the spirit of our contest was pure and at no point did we intend or even consider that our contest would offend members of the community. For the record, has graphic designers on staff and is a division of a larger creative web agency. We get it.

So, that being said, our logo design contest is official dead. We will review our future plans and consider alternatives for getting new designs in the future and may hold a call for portfolio submissions from which we can hire a talented designer for us.

Again, we thank everyone who gave us feedback and helped to guide us in making this decision.

Joe McDonald


What happens when you mark or report an email as SPAM?

by Joe McDonald on October 12, 2012

I wanted to take a minute and inform our members & visitors about a problem many businesses run into managing their email campaigns, and a problem that we here at also experience from time to time.

The question is, do you know what happens when you mark or flag an email in your inbox as SPAM?

Please be aware that clicking the SPAM button in your email program is NOT the same thing as unsubscribing from the list

We take a lot of pride in managing our email subscription lists and we always make sure people only receive emails that they opted-in to receive. As with many businesses, we actually pay for our email services, such as MailChimp, to ensure that our emails get through to subscribers correctly.

What many people may not be aware of, however, is that when you flag an email as SPAM in Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL, that complaint gets reported back to the email service being used, like MailChimp or Constant Contact etc. That service then reviews the senders account and will actually terminate their service if spam complaints continue to come in. That hurts legitimate businesses who are sending honest emails to subscribers who opted-in.

It could be that maybe you forgot that you did subscribe to the email or maybe you just don’t want to receive it anymore, but please be aware that clicking the SPAM button in your email program is NOT the same thing as unsubscribing from the list. I know we all get bombarded with spam and there is definitely a time to flag emails, but all legitimate emails will have an unsubscribe link, usually at the bottom in the footer. This unsubscribe link allows you to opt-out correctly if you no longer wish to receive the email. This is the fair and polite way to remove yourself from an email list.

Many times people just decide they are no longer interested in receiving an email so they just click the ‘SPAM’ button instead of the unsubscribe link. This hurts the organization sending out the email. If this is really an email subscription that you signed up for, PLEASE take a few extra seconds and locate the unsubscribe link in the email to remove yourself the right way.

Here at, if you receive an email from us and click the button to flag it as spam, we have no choice but to suspend your account and remove you from our directory listings and all email lists. We do this in order to protect the services we rely on to conduct business and provide support and services to our members and subscribers.

Thank you for taking the time to read this important message and thanks for supporting!

do you know what happens when you flag or report an email as spam?