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This week, Mayor McGinn announced a $1.6 million investment in Seattle art organizations.

137 Seattle-based arts, cultural, and heritage organizations will benefit from a $1.6 million dollar investment from the Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs’ Civic Partners program, this year.

"The strong relationship between art and the strength of our local economy is a part of why Seattle is an attractive place to live. The City’s investment provides vital working capital to help groups produce and present a variety of arts and cultural opportunities," McGinn said. "By supporting creative work throughout the city, we improve our economy and help keep the arts affordable and accessible to thousands of residents and visitors."

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Attend a Seattle Mayor Election Forum

by Joe McDonald on September 29, 2009

Repost from WA State Arts Alliance Foundation

Dear Seattle Arts Advocates,

Washington State Arts Alliance FoundationNovember 3, election day, is just around the corner.  Seattle Office of Arts & Culture has compiled a list of upcoming forums in the Seattle area that feature candidates for Seattle Mayor and City Council. Click here to find out the dates, times, and venues.

Arts advocates in Seattle are encouraged to attend as many as possible. Let them know the importance of and economic impact of the cultural industry.  Share your stories and ask those questions that reveal each candidate’s platform in this regard.  Gather as much information on each as you are able, evaluate the information, and mail-in your vote.

Best regards,
Mary Langholz
WSAA/F Executive Director

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Americans For The Arts Meets with Obama

by Joe McDonald on January 15, 2009

Reposted from the Americans for the Arts:

January 15, 2009

Dear Arts Advocate:

For the last month, Americans for the Arts has been working with the field, Congress, and the Obama Transition Team to include support for the nonprofit arts sector and individual artists in any federal economic recovery package.  With your help, we have been compiling examples of how the recession has affected arts groups. We are getting this compelling information along with our economic impact data into the hands of key policy leaders in Washington.

Last week, Americans for the Arts officially proposed Nine Recommendations for Economic Recovery & the Arts to help nonprofit and governmental arts groups as well as individual artists during this economic downturn.  Today, Americans for the Arts President and CEO Bob Lynch met with the Obama Transition Team to discuss these and other ideas.

Also today, the House Appropriations Committee released an $825 billion economic recovery package. Included in the proposed bill is an infusion of $50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts (in addition to its annual appropriations) to specifically preserve jobs in the nonprofit arts sector threatened by declines in philanthropic and other support. The House plan proposes additional opportunities throughout other parts of the federal government that could also help the nonprofit arts sector and individual artists.  Many of these other opportunities correspond closely with our Recommendations for Economic Recovery & the Arts.

Take Action
The Senate and the White House will likely unveil additional versions of an economic recovery package.  We are calling on arts advocates to contact your House and Senate members and your local media to raise the profile of why it’s important to ensure there is support for the nonprofit arts sector in the federal economic recovery plan.

  1. Write to your Members of Congress
  2. Send a letter to the editor of your local media

Thank you to the members of the Arts Action Fund for all their support in the ArtsVote2008 presidential campaign effort and making record contributions to the Arts Action Fund Political Action Committee in support of arts friendly Congressional candidates. Not a member? Join for free today.